Our Partycipants Guarantee is simple, but very effective

We are just the contact and payment intermediaries between Users and Suppliers of this site. That means that we cannot assume responsibility for the quality and / or proper delivery of the services and products that are contracted through our platform.

However, we can guarantee Buyers that if they did not properly receive what they paid for, they will receive their money back. And to the Suppliers that if they delivered the service or the product in an appropriate way, they will always receive the payment that corresponds to them.


How it Works

You come to Partycipants.com, check availability in your area, find the Supplier that better fits your needs and after an exchange of information you reach an agreement that could be in written or not, depending exclusively on you both: it is a bi-lateral transaction. You must check the Supplier’s Outlet Policies, and if you agree with them and any other conditions, specifications or limitations, you buy the product (s) or hire their service (s). The final step of this first approach is the payment. Please note that you need to pay through Partycipants.com using your Paypal account, credit or debit card in order to be entitled to our Partycipants guarantee.

After you get the product or the service you paid for, you have 72 hours to rate the Supplier and ask either for a refund, either for an exchange (especially in case of products). During that time, the whole amount you paid stays with us, and only after you confirmed that everything was OK, we credit the supplier’s account. If withing this time you do not rate the supplier and we do not hear from you, the payment will be credited to the supplier.

If you require an exchange of the product according to the supplier’s policies, it’s his or her obligation to send a new product to you. If not, and the supplier is violating its own policies, you get your money back. In case of a service (i.e. a bartender or a waiter, etc., for your party) and the supplier never came, you get your money back. If the supplier communicates with you prior your event and tells he/she cannot fullfill the service promised, we cannot guarantee that you will get a replacement, but we will do everything in our hands to ensure you get your service.

In the case of a dispute between you and the supplier about who is right and who is wrong we will mediate until the extend of our possibilites, i.e. we will here both sides and evaluate the information you provide. We always advice Users and Suppliers to take pictures, keep the written comunications (emails, text messages, etc.) and any other evidence that can support the claim. If it is clear that the User is right he/she hets the money back, without any discount. If it is clear rhar the Supplier is right, he or she will get credited.

In the remote case that both parties cannot provide any evidence, and it is not clear who is right and who is wrong, the paid amount (minus our comission) will be divided between the buyer and the seller. That is the most we can do due our operation conditions. And you always can rate the supplier and let your opinion in our site, so other potential buyers know what they can expect. Usually, our suppliers try to get the best possible rates, becuase they know how it affects its possibilites of selling their products and services. In case we detect or clearly suspect a fraud, the involved party will be banned from our platform, as it is established in our Terms and Conditions.