What is Partycipants.com

Partycipants is the one-stop Multi-Supplier Platform that every Party-related professional has been waiting for. It has got multiple features for party organizers and for services or products providers, from cutting edge software to our own Partycipants Guarantee. For Users it means that if the product or service you paid for is not properly delivered, you get your money back. For Suppliers: if you delivered as agreed on your service or product, you will always be paid.

With powerful and customized features like Flexible CommissionRefund RequestWithdrawal & Reverse WithdrawalSingle Product Multi-supplierLedger BookZone & Country Wise Supplier ShippingSeller Inquiry & Review, Partycipants Marketplace will take the relationships between Party Lovers and Party Professionals to another level.

You are planning your next party and you realize you need some products (food, meat, wine, party supplies, party rentals, etc.) or services (bartenders, waiters, cooks, DJs, cleaning personnel, musicians, photographers, magicians, clowns, and many others.

You come to Partycipants and check availability in your area. When you find what you’re looking for you contact the Supplier (s), share some details about your event, ask about their experience/conditions, accept the price or ask for a discount and reach an agreement.

Then you pay through our platform. After you get your product or service, you rate the suppliers and we credit them your payment, minus our commision. If there is a dispute, we intervene to the limit of our possibilities as set forth in the Partycipants Guarantee.

You Register FREE as a Supplier, create your Profile and describe yourself as a provider of certain services or products. Whether you have 100 products or a single service to offer you will have a super modern outlet/store to sell your stuff and / or that of others.

When a Customer thinks you might be a good fit for their needs, they’ll reach out using our platform (email, text or call). They will share details about their party with you, ask some questions, accept your price or ask for a discount until you reach an agreement.

After you customer confirms the delivery of your product (s) or service (s) and rates you, we credit the consumer payment in your account (minus our commission) and every week you’ll receive your money. If there is a dispute, the terms of our Guarantee will apply.

Partycipants Features

Partycipants Guarantee