Any online store or digital outlet has common features that allow you to upload your products and / or services, describe of them and upload several photos, put them “on sale” for a period of time and even grant discount coupons. But that’s what everyone offers … Partycipants is more. Much more.

We are always trying to improve, so you will often find new and more exciting things, but let’s take a look at our most interesting features.

COMMISSION SETUP: This is no doubt the most important part for our Suppliers. Setting up our suppliers commissions had never been this convenient! We can set up our suppliers commissions rules either for all services/products or for specific ones. Every outlet commission would be calculated and disbursed to you based on our unique settings.

Partycipants Marketplace allows us to establish a wide variety of commissions as it suits our suppliers. Along with the traditional commission types, we can also set out the commissions by Supplier Sales and Product Price -something that no one else offers! We may overwrite the default rules for outlet-specific or product-specific levels when due to your own margings the global rules by default are not convenient for you.

WITHDRAWAL AND PAYMENT SETUP: Partycipants Marketplace allows commission disbursal weekly but only after suppliers request the payment and admins approve it either manually or by auto-approval if you’ve reached the withdrawal limits according to the payment methods you have chosen from your settings.

We have enabled several payment methods like PaypalStripe, or even Bank Transfer. The threshold time for an order to be available for withdrawal is one week, due to possible claims, returns or refunds. We also have the possibility to set specific withdrawal rules for certain vendors, including Auto-approve Request, Withdrawal Limit, Withdrawal Threshold or Withdrawal Charges when the default rules may not apply to a specific supplier.

SHIPPING SETUP: Another original feature that Partycipants Marketplace offers you is the most powerful shipping management of your products, by Country and by Zone. In Country wise shipping, our suppliers can select shipping by specifying the countries or the states where the items can be shipped. In Zone wise shipping, not just the region (continent) but the country, state and even the postal code can also be specified.

By Country, suppliers can set Default Shipping Price, Per Product Additional Price or Per Quantity Additional Price. You can also manage the processing time of the shipment as well as the country from where the product is shipped! And by Zone, you can choose multiple shipping methods like Flat-rate Shipping, Free Shipping or Local Pickup for each zone! You can also edit the Shipping cost for each shipping method.

REVIEW MANAGEMENT: Frequently, customers look up at the suppliers reviews to decide whether he/she should buy from the specific seller. Therefore, for any marketplace, suppliers reviews are as important as product reviews. Partycipants brings the power to manage customer reviews for the site’s suppliers outlets.

As admins we can approve or disapprove /delete a customer review if it seems fake or extremely unfair. We are testing the possibility to also set different review rating categories where the total rating would be calculated based on the average of the ratings! Pay close attention to all this! Customers will choose from the best of our suppliers by screening your reviews!

REFUND SYSTEM: What if your customer buys a service or product and is not satisfied with the same? He/she would want to exchange it or request for a refund, right? Sometimes, user only purchase if and only if they found a proper refund policy. Well, Partycipants Marketplace eases up the return policy for everyone: consumers and suppliers.

We as admins can set a refund request threshold which will specify a particular day till which the order would be available for refund.  Your customer can request for either a Full Refund or a Partial Refund and can also add a reason for the Refund Request. A thing to note here is that the payment needs to be refunded manually by the admin or suppliers. 

OUTLET/STORE POLICIES: Our suppliers can define all types of policies for their outlets or stores and for their services & products without much hassle! At you, as a Supplier, can define the Shipping, Refund or the Cancellation/Return/Exchange Policies.

These policies can be set from the Product Policies tab under your outlet Settings, for your whole outlet or even for each product separately. Once you do that and enable the option, the policies will be sent to the customers with the store invoice. You may also disable any or all of these policies by setting the modules off. This is a one-stop management for all policies!

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: A customer may have several queries before or after purchasing a product. As a supplier, it’s important to answer to all their queries. Partycipants Marketplace allows you to set up the customer support information on your outlet so that your customers can reach out to you anytime.

Our suppliers can provide a Support Address, Support Email or a Support Phone number for the customers. Under the Customer Support tab in Settings, you can fill in with the necessary contact details. These information will be available to the customers in their order details as well as in the outlet/store invoice. That’s how helps you build confidence and a better association with your customers.